Bangkok Girl's Story

The missing child – Young Beggar in Bangkok
Hey! Nowadays, the Buddhists Country like Thailand have Campaign to don’t give Alms. Many of children in Thailand are lost. the Mirror Foundation found they are force to beg in Bangkok…[read full Bangkok Girl's Story]


Bangkok Girl’s Stories-Thai foodsChili Hot Dish!! – Spicy Hot Thai Foods from Street side

This Lunch, I got a Pad Si Eew(fried flat noodles with sweet soy sauce) from a Muslim Aunt Shop dish at the entrance to the side street. I ordered a dish of Pad Si Eew because Si Eew is sweet. But the Aunt cook for me…[read full Bangkok Girl's Story]


Condo life in BangkokCondo Life in Bangkok - Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?

Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?
I’m always at balcony every evening to see around the city landscape, It’s the little happiness that I can found in a day life. But the only happiness on balcony has gone with the smell of cigarette from the others room!...[read full Bangkok Girl's Story]


Bangkok Girls in Thai Temple Fair FestivalThai Temple Fair Festival – at the Shopping Mall in Bangkok

The festival in all areas of Thailand would not in different formats. Of course ... many of food shops, many of games and the open air concert, open air stage silicate film, snake's wife, tank motorcycle climb, Abdul, haunted house, bump car, Carousel, Ferris... [read full Bangkok Girl's Story]


Bangkok Girls in Shopping MallAwkward! walk away in the mall

Bangkok People have very accurately the direction. a Local Girl walk away till tired legs. No, Shopping is not as good. I'm lost...[read full Bangkok Girl's Story]
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