Yaowarat – Bangkok China Town

I had a plan to tour the food street at Yaowarat Road (Bangkok China Town) on November 14, 2010. But I had ever know, China Town is a large area. I walked on Charoen Krung Road only that my force had gone…

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-3

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-9 

However, Charoen Krung have many things are interested.  Yaowarat is an old business center of Bangkok. At the first step that I arrived, I saw many of the old building.
 Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-2

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-2

You will found the quaint phone box Chinese style over Yaowarat
Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-4
I got a lunch with easy Chinese Food –> Noodles and O-Liang (Black Tea)
Noodle-Thai Foods-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-2
Noodle-Thai Foods-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-4 
Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-3

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-7

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-6

There are many of the little foods shop on street side. We had a lunch while people walk over.

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-5

Except food shop, Yaowarat are many of shops for many of varieties goods. Today, I proud to present the Facial Spa…
Spa-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung
They would get your face smoothly with string!
Same as hair wax but could let your tear… haha

They use string to pull your hair on your face.
Chinese are very keep their faith, I saw many Chinese Temple and shrine on this road.
 Chinese shrine-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-2
Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-12
I think, this street is the walk street but it’s not.
Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-10  Chinese shrine-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-3
The Last…………  Cat is all Around…
cat-Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-15



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