The missing child – Young Beggar in Bangkok

Hey! Nowadays, the Buddhists Country like Thailand have Campaign to don’t give Alms.

This is advertisement from the Mirror Foundation. I know, that from well-intentioned but I don’t think this idea is from Buddhists.

Many of children in Thailand are lost. the Mirror Foundation found they are force to beg in Bangkok. Many of beggar are the Fraud, in separate formation. I was deceived many time in Bangkok but  I’m still giving. I don’t think they will cheat me. Every time that I was deceived, bad things are with the cheater, not me!
I give with pure mind that the pure and the good things be with me. If I found beggar and I mistrust they are cheater or not, that make something bad in my mind with myself.
The Lord Buddha teach to consider own self and begin to build the good things with build inside own self .
The Foundation told when you give them in Bangkok, you have to support a crime.
I don’t think so. The lost children problem in Thailand couldn’t solve tough all of Thais are selfish.
Every time that I was cheated, the cheaters are adults and the young beggar, the children who sell flowers on the street in Bangkok are well know with the residents. I live here, I found them everyday and I know their parents. They are not the missing child.
Many of them are from really poor family. I found one beg for support his brother study in university. And the most of young beggar must beg, no choice for them if they were catch, who will give the meal? who will pay for study? Why did think too much before give?
A lot of missing child escape from their home by themselves because problems with parents.
If you want to the charity and suspect “how to know who is the real beggar and who the cheater?” I couldn’t know, so I think unnecessary to know, back to know inside yourself is the best!
Why the Vessantara give his children to Jujaka?

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