Koh Laan – Pattaya: Thailand

Cheap Trip. Travel in one Day, very tried but very happy.
Bangkok Girl Trip-Pattay Beginning: to the ships port at Pattaya…


The missing child – Young Beggar in Bangkok

Hey! Nowadays, the Buddhists Country like Thailand have Campaign to don’t give Alms.

This is advertisement from the Mirror Foundation. I know, that from well-intentioned but I don’t think this idea is from Buddhists.


Chili Hot Dish!! – Spicy Hot Thai Foods from Street side

This Lunch, I got a Pad Si Eew(fried flat noodles with sweet soy sauce) from a Muslim Aunt Shop dish at the entrance to the side street. I ordered a dish of Pad Si Eew because Si Eew is sweet. But the Aunt cook for me…
thai food
I don’t eat pork. Thais usually cook with pork. If I want to have some dish with meat, I have to find a Muslim Food Shop. I’m a Buddhist from the North of Thailand, so I don’t like spicy hot foods same Thai Muslim or Thais from the south.
I got a mistake that order from the shop that people regular have spicy hot. Regularly, when you order Pad Si Eew, you have to want chili, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and peanut to flavor it. But I don’t eat like the another, I don’t want to flavor. The Aunt is kind-hearted, she help to flavor like the south people eat. I saw it after she strew chili and it late…
Very hot! I had Lunch with tears…
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