Young Thais and the Temple

Who said "Not Old, Not time to go the Temple", have to change your mind.

Thai-GirlsIt is considered very out. Several times to practice dharma. I don't often see the gray and white hair.
May be had hair dye or they have reason same my grandma ...Elderly people often have to encroach sickness, back pain, waist pain, joint pain eyes misty walk and sit does not easily...etc. It's an obstacle to go to the temple. Fear that others will be a burden to care.
I meet many of girls aged students and the early workers. Considered with myself. I think, they is the age group that have many free time.

Responsibilities is not enough to be an obstacle to say "busy". Rather take a rest with travelling or party but they choose to use the benefits of age follow the Lord Buddha.

Thai Girls

thanks photos from palungjit.com

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  1. ไม่ระบุชื่อ11/01/2553 8:44 ก่อนเที่ยง

    I go to temples and I'm not even Buddhist! :))

  2. @ajpoliquit really! What's your reason, travel or learning buddha teaching?

  3. ไม่ระบุชื่อ12/13/2553 5:05 หลังเที่ยง

    I think traveling and learning should go together. Come to think of it. Why travel if you don't learn? :)


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