Condo Life in Bangkok - Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?

Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?

I rent a room in the 5th floor, It’s quite, good view… that is the best for normal girls to life alone in Bangkok, the big city and space is limited. Normally, most of people couldn't want to live in high floors, direct to receive the high temperature of sunny, tired to walk... But quite and the balcony is the best place to help me for wider angle.

I’m always at balcony every evening to see around the city landscape, It’s the little happiness that I can found in a day life.

But the only happiness on balcony has gone with the smell of cigarette from the others room!
I need the answers from the smokers, why did you smoke in your room, why did you like to smoke out the room (especially balcony) and let the smoke from yours to fly to the others room?

Your smoke are impolite. They don't be at the balcony with you, they fly over, get into others room despite that the owner don't  allow.

I guess, you didn’t like your room smell bad. me too! and others non-smokers too!
Although, you love smoke, I think you have to be with them in your room. You shouldn't love them but hate their smell. You have to love everything that compose your lover.

Love Tobacco and let their smoke embrace you in your room with love!

Give my happiness on balcony back, please…

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