Thai Temple Fair Festival – at the Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Thai temple fair festival that anyone thinking.
Since I was young when have religious ceremony in the temple, I'm prepared to wait to eat Kanohm Beung and Khanhom Tung Tak (Thai Pancake Dessert the name mean stony) Quickly came home to work on homework preparation out to a waiting parent. The festival in all areas of Thailand would not in different formats. Of course ... many of food shops, many of games and the open air concert, open air stage silicate film, snake's wife, tank motorcycle climb, Abdul, haunted house, bump car, Carousel, Ferris, Soi Dao(pick the star), scoop fish, scoop eggs, etc. The evident difference is food. My hometown, when you arrived the temple, you have to find to eat Kanhom Chin Nam Ngeow or Kao Soi (Lanna noodles ; the North of Thailand noodle style) with Khang Pong (Mace Fried) before you're full, next is the time to eat others and play anything.
The children are often have to be patient very to keep the monkey in untill this time is ends. When Parent are full, they would like to talk about its nature as adults. Then children and their monkeys will not be needed. Do not ask, not to be insistent, adult would want their children to go away.
thai temple fair festival, bangkok
I like Bingo! I can be here all night. Not playing. To win with lucky other, may be they win they give soft drinks to me, they said that I'm take the luch for them ...
However the experience is I never touch is "The Outdoor Movies". Never have been outdoor movies that end early. The Parents wouldn't like their children to go bed late. Although, when there are only the outdoor movies, the parents would take their to go.
This weekend, I have an opportunity to go Fashion Island at the Ramaindhra, Bangkok, Thailand. They get the Temple Fair Festival at central department. I heard and have a question "The Fashion department is large but I couldn't imagine where would Ferris or Carousel located?
So, on Saturday I try to see them ... Note the same as that I often stray in the mall. ... therefore moderately headaches ... ...I was stray since I was in front of the store ~ _ ~ The local roads are sincere than the Bangkok roads (Did like people?) When the road straight we have to go straight, when the road have cross, we will turn... But in Bangkok we want to go straight, they fight to u-turn, we want to turn they fight to go straight. The roads over the roads, many of lanes to turn... This moment, I drive and drive in front of The Fashion over 40 minutes. Not only this...the last I found a breakdown car across a road ... (This is a Local Girl in Bangkok ...).

When drive into the Fashion, saw Mr.Kung Toungsit(the thai famous classic singer) on Cut-out from afar then I heard his sweet soft voice in my mind. Unlucky, I couldn't see his show.
Shopping mall on saturday, many of people like the ants to swarm Hale’s Blue Boy droplets. Fashion Island on the day that is used to long stay at the bookstore in workingday with this day is too smaller. Do not tell me that the Thai people are poor!
kalamae, thai dessert, thai food
Food...Food...Food...All food of 4 zone of Thailand. I would like to have Khanhom Chin(Thai Noodles) but don't know where and how to sit for eat. So...I have to ignore them ~_~ ... Many of  Yummy Thai desserts. I'm not sure now they make to ingratiate the diet girls or a peace of dessert was this size but I'm grow up, I see the dessert are small appropriately. In the past, I felt hate Thai dessert because I couldn't eat all peace and I couldn't let it surplus, My Parents would castigate me. And couldn't keep for eat next time because they were made from coconut and coconut milk. So I like "Lays" because it is a preservative could keep for. ~ _ ~ But now, if I choose to eat a Thai dessert. Because I want to fat and Parents couldn't see when I didn't eat them all.
The Northern Foods only have "Sai Ua"(Thai Lanna Sausage). Why did sell "Hed Thop"(a kind of mushroom). There is a few of the Northern Food shop but many of  the Eastern Food Shop. I intend to eat flat squid.  But there is many...many...of  squid store. I couldn't decide to choose. So, I didn't buy from any store, I wouldn't like to get anyone to sadden. ^o^
I don't enjoy eating. The Festival have only food that get me irksome. The time that I would back home, I found the Arare Cap. ^ _ ^ Many of children interersted them. Means that I'm a children in present Generation.
the Rounding Aircraft, classic toyAt The Classic Toys Shop. I saw the Science Balloon and then I thought back since I was a children. I couldn't remember, why did I like to play it, very smell bad. Not only play, sometime I was chewing it o_o I have not grow to be a regular like this ha... When we was a children, that's time for only fun and play. Didn't think about reason. Do anything we would like and Play anything we need to play. I'm very enjoy here(the Classic Toys Shop). There is the Bucktooth like Dracula, "Calabash Crab Fish"(The cast lots game, Thai Classic style), I saw the owner demonstrate The Toys for hour. I saw a boat and want some... I had ever have one... Now, it's already rust. Did you have ever play it. A boat that move with heat. Boat has trays inside, we have to put something hot on. I usually use scrap candle. I like the Monkey Drummer too but it will be annoying for the long term. ahh...Please stop the Rounding Aircraft... Why are them attractive. Don't ... don't ... don't round. No ... I'm just spell. Just a moment it was lost. Tip for shoppers. "If you go back home and still want it on. This means that You really want to get it real" Okay ... I'll go, here is far then I wouldn't back to you...The Aircraft round. -_-"
I walked around but couldn't see the Ferris, Carousel, Darts, Snake's Wife, Haunted House, etc ... How to there is in the shopping mall? They can only organized the food booth. I had pay for "Sai Mhai"(A kind of Thai Dessert ). The dessert that make we feel like eating the clouds... ^_^ And pay for the Classic Coffee with the Condensed Milk brand "Mali"(Jasmine). Can you sing..."The Mali Fresh, every drop always are flavor. The Mali always Fresh, White, Condensed, Sweet and Rich"...

The aircraft haunt me all Saturday night. I always seeing them either open or close my eyes...  Everything that said to I would back to take it home. Oh... I belong to you... the Rounding Aircraft.
 the Rounding Aircraft, classic toy
I fall in the Aircraft planned. After stare a wink many time to them on  Saturday, I belong to them... Take one home with 170฿. ^_^  The Boat, please waiting for me. I would take you home too on Next time.  So lucky that The Shop owner didn't have a pool to let the boat drive. Otherwise, I was belong with a boat too. ;D
While I would back home, I got stray again. I look for the "Tua Toob Store"("Pound Peanut" the thai crispy made from peanut), I found the Interested T-Shirt Shop. Only 100฿/each. The T-Shirt had screened thai classic advertising.
T-shirt with thai classic print advertsingT-shirt with thai classic print advertsing

I stuck on "Tam Chai"(the brand of  Analgesic) and "Mae Khong"(the brand of Alcohol Drink) Patterns. They take my money out 200฿. ~_~  I like the "Duex" Pattern too but I have to keep my image. ^0^
They told me, "this is small size"...#_#  o.k. I'm mini size girl, I'm wrong.
thai crispy, thai snack, thai food
"Tua Toob"... "Tua Toob"... Don't forget look for "Tua Toob"... The "Tua Toob Store" make me know, I misunderstand that "Kra Ya Sart"(the Thai dessert made from Peanut Stir with Molasses) which I know, They are not "Kra Ya Srat" but they are "Tua Tud"(the Thai crispy made from Peanut Stir with Molasses)
Near Tua Toob Store I fall in love of "Kha Nhom Beung"(Pancake in Thai Style). I love the food store that is making real time. I saw 2 guys were making them, that make me want to eat... Sorry that I couldn't have the appetizing photos to show you because I don't know how Kha Nhom Beung are gone into my stomach.
the  Rounding Aircraft, classic toy
Time I would back home... Couldn't you guess, what's happen?!!
The Darts!! They were here!!
I thought, I had walk all of the festival. Actually, I had only walk for a zone... T_T  Please. Mourn for my stupid and countryside Girl...(No, I'm not wrong, who create the shopping mall to every zone are same? #_#)
That Time, The mall would be closed, every darts would closed too. Then, I asked them for play to immolate my stupid...

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