Awkward! walk away in the mall

Bangkok People have very accurately the direction. a Local Girl walk away till tired legs. No, Shopping is not as good. I'm lost.

Fortunately, I'm a little girl, do not look distinctive eye shape who might otherwise be suspected. Being issued a warrant of arrest the suspects and bombs away.

Find in the elevator does not meet - that is down the stairs at full speed it up here! To walk to the other indirect. The other side and turn to the second step is to then.

bangkok girls Difficult to find a bathroom - I couldn't understand, I'm follow the signs but they are gone. Somewhere, I'm in front of the bathroom, the sign told to turn, turn to where?

The Door - Where is the door? While walking through this but this does not here ...

Why did I walk back the same - It is a problem that where is the same?

Ask information - Yes! asked ... till I'm shy, till quit ... but the big problem is that where is the information?
Do Bangkok People feel. If I turn and walk in the store ... it all the same to each individual shop it together very well organized store. Organized for take you don't know way out  to another shop or exit from the store. Shift that we walk in the shop but don't go anywhere.

If so difficult, Why did at home? - For save energy at home.
High temperature to walk away for save energy. Long sat at Food Court. there are TV, evening Saturday watch the game free!

If the fire department. I would die first.



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