Yaowarat – Bangkok China Town

I had a plan to tour the food street at Yaowarat Road (Bangkok China Town) on November 14, 2010. But I had ever know, China Town is a large area. I walked on Charoen Krung Road only that my force had gone…

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-3

Yaowarat-Bangkok-Chaina Town-Charoen Krung-9 


Koh Kret Trip

I got travelling at Koh Kred Again! Look Photos at My FaceBook, The story will be comming ;)


Koh Laan – Pattaya: Thailand

Cheap Trip. Travel in one Day, very tried but very happy.
Bangkok Girl Trip-Pattay Beginning: to the ships port at Pattaya…


The missing child – Young Beggar in Bangkok

Hey! Nowadays, the Buddhists Country like Thailand have Campaign to don’t give Alms.

This is advertisement from the Mirror Foundation. I know, that from well-intentioned but I don’t think this idea is from Buddhists.


Chili Hot Dish!! – Spicy Hot Thai Foods from Street side

This Lunch, I got a Pad Si Eew(fried flat noodles with sweet soy sauce) from a Muslim Aunt Shop dish at the entrance to the side street. I ordered a dish of Pad Si Eew because Si Eew is sweet. But the Aunt cook for me…
thai food
I don’t eat pork. Thais usually cook with pork. If I want to have some dish with meat, I have to find a Muslim Food Shop. I’m a Buddhist from the North of Thailand, so I don’t like spicy hot foods same Thai Muslim or Thais from the south.
I got a mistake that order from the shop that people regular have spicy hot. Regularly, when you order Pad Si Eew, you have to want chili, sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and peanut to flavor it. But I don’t eat like the another, I don’t want to flavor. The Aunt is kind-hearted, she help to flavor like the south people eat. I saw it after she strew chili and it late…
Very hot! I had Lunch with tears…


Young Thais and the Temple

Who said "Not Old, Not time to go the Temple", have to change your mind.

Thai-GirlsIt is considered very out. Several times to practice dharma. I don't often see the gray and white hair.
May be had hair dye or they have reason same my grandma ...Elderly people often have to encroach sickness, back pain, waist pain, joint pain eyes misty walk and sit does not easily...etc. It's an obstacle to go to the temple. Fear that others will be a burden to care.
I meet many of girls aged students and the early workers. Considered with myself. I think, they is the age group that have many free time.

Responsibilities is not enough to be an obstacle to say "busy". Rather take a rest with travelling or party but they choose to use the benefits of age follow the Lord Buddha.

Thai Girls

thanks photos from palungjit.com


Help Thai Flood Victims Online

Help Thai Flood Victims Online

Accept Visa, Master Card, PayPal and PaysBuy

=> http://www.1500miles.org/


Who are Thais?

You think you well-known Thais? Who are them?

I found some who I believe they are real Thais.

Bangkok Flood, Bangkok Girl, Bangkok Girl's Story, Bangkok Girls, Bangkok People, Flood in Thailand, king of thailand, Thais, Thais Charity

When Thailand had crisis, they come to be Heroes.

Let crisis gone and keep charity….
Bangkok Flood, Bangkok Girl, Bangkok Girl's Story, Bangkok Girls, Bangkok People, Flood in Thailand, king of thailand, Thais, Thais Charity
Bangkok Flood, Bangkok Girl, Bangkok Girl's Story, Bangkok Girls, Bangkok People, Flood in Thailand, king of thailand, Thais, Thais Charity

Ask yourself, What should you do for Thailand?

thanks photo from Thaipbs


Condo Life in Bangkok - Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?

Why do Smokers hate smell of their smoke?

I rent a room in the 5th floor, It’s quite, good view… that is the best for normal girls to life alone in Bangkok, the big city and space is limited. Normally, most of people couldn't want to live in high floors, direct to receive the high temperature of sunny, tired to walk... But quite and the balcony is the best place to help me for wider angle.

I’m always at balcony every evening to see around the city landscape, It’s the little happiness that I can found in a day life.

But the only happiness on balcony has gone with the smell of cigarette from the others room!
I need the answers from the smokers, why did you smoke in your room, why did you like to smoke out the room (especially balcony) and let the smoke from yours to fly to the others room?

Your smoke are impolite. They don't be at the balcony with you, they fly over, get into others room despite that the owner don't  allow.

I guess, you didn’t like your room smell bad. me too! and others non-smokers too!
Although, you love smoke, I think you have to be with them in your room. You shouldn't love them but hate their smell. You have to love everything that compose your lover.

Love Tobacco and let their smoke embrace you in your room with love!

Give my happiness on balcony back, please…


The Great NEWS for THAIs

HM King Bhumibol and HM Queen Sirikit presided over the section with HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Visit to The Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra show in "Siriraj Concert Tribute Supreme Artist" at the Auditorium Hall Faculty of Medicine. Mahidol University.
This was the first time that the King go to the concert after Siriraj Hospital since 20 September 2552. At Honor hall, many people waiting to greet their Majesties since the afternoon. Considered by some royal portrait of His Majesty the King over his head. Although raining but everyone is still waiting their Majesties with loyalty.


24th Annual flower show at the Swissotel Hotel Nai Lert Park Bangkok during September 30 to October 3, 2553 revenue to help 14 schools in the district lack Krapho Surin and the Elephant Conservation Foundation.
Concept this year on edible garden. Would did you really eat it. May have seemed to be fond of good food.


Central World Comeback |^o^|

Central World, the large of Shopping mall at the central of Bangkok comeback today after the the upheaval.

Central Group spend more than 120 million Baht in improvements. And ensure the safety of building structures that Accredited by the Association of Engineering Institute of Thailand and the Department of Civil Engineering, Bangkok. Also central world has increased thoroughly security investment by global standards, Installing the monitoring equipment and CCTV. Both inside and outside the car park, control entrance and exit by the Management Center of security control.

Westerner follows in Buddha's footsteps

US anthropology student joins monks on their morning alms round to learn about religion first-hand in Bangkok

Residents of Phraeng Nara community in the old Rattanakosin area of Bangkok are used to seeing temple boys carrying food for monks during their morning alms round. But a couple of weeks ago, they were taken by surprise when a young American man started doing the job.

bangkok-buddhist-alms-monkCharles Adams, a 24-year-old student at North Carolina State University, accompanies monks as they make their morning alms round at Phraeng Nara community in the old Rattanakosin area. PHOTOS BY APICHART JINAKUL


Bangkok - No.1 of 2010 World’s Best Cities


In TRAVEL + LEISURE 15th annual poll, this year Bangkok is No.1 America’s favorite cities. Last years, we’re the 3rd and Chiang Mai is the 2nd from the 5th. Furthermore, The Peninsula Bangkok is the No.7 of World's Best Hotels 2010, from No.66 in 2009
However, the survey ended before the upheaval. –_-  Many of people worked for Thailand to be the Best but a few destroy it. I wouldn’t like to predict, What’s the No. of Bangkok in 2011.


Thai Temple Fair Festival – at the Shopping Mall in Bangkok

Thai temple fair festival that anyone thinking.
Since I was young when have religious ceremony in the temple, I'm prepared to wait to eat Kanohm Beung and Khanhom Tung Tak (Thai Pancake Dessert the name mean stony) Quickly came home to work on homework preparation out to a waiting parent. The festival in all areas of Thailand would not in different formats. Of course ... many of food shops, many of games and the open air concert, open air stage silicate film, snake's wife, tank motorcycle climb, Abdul, haunted house, bump car, Carousel, Ferris, Soi Dao(pick the star), scoop fish, scoop eggs, etc. The evident difference is food. My hometown, when you arrived the temple, you have to find to eat Kanhom Chin Nam Ngeow or Kao Soi (Lanna noodles ; the North of Thailand noodle style) with Khang Pong (Mace Fried) before you're full, next is the time to eat others and play anything.
The children are often have to be patient very to keep the monkey in untill this time is ends. When Parent are full, they would like to talk about its nature as adults. Then children and their monkeys will not be needed. Do not ask, not to be insistent, adult would want their children to go away.
thai temple fair festival, bangkok


Koh Kret Again!!

I don't like chaos.
Invite each other that day ... to Koh Kret on Friday because Saturday and Sunday, there are many of people.
I was satisfied! ... Koh Kret on workday ... quiet ...All shops are closed. Walk to see store door.
So Lucky, kindly aunt open house pottery.
Only one here that is most worth and worth anyway.
And still have to eat the flower tempura is ok.
On that paper dress to Mo (can you remember).
Plan to go again next vacation. The day that store actually opened.
... A few years are gone. How many year Nancy? When do you free?

related photos: Koh Kret


Awkward! walk away in the mall

Bangkok People have very accurately the direction. a Local Girl walk away till tired legs. No, Shopping is not as good. I'm lost.

Fortunately, I'm a little girl, do not look distinctive eye shape who might otherwise be suspected. Being issued a warrant of arrest the suspects and bombs away.

Find in the elevator does not meet - that is down the stairs at full speed it up here! To walk to the other indirect. The other side and turn to the second step is to then.

bangkok girls Difficult to find a bathroom - I couldn't understand, I'm follow the signs but they are gone. Somewhere, I'm in front of the bathroom, the sign told to turn, turn to where?

The Door - Where is the door? While walking through this but this does not here ...

Why did I walk back the same - It is a problem that where is the same?

Ask information - Yes! asked ... till I'm shy, till quit ... but the big problem is that where is the information?
Do Bangkok People feel. If I turn and walk in the store ... it all the same to each individual shop it together very well organized store. Organized for take you don't know way out  to another shop or exit from the store. Shift that we walk in the shop but don't go anywhere.

If so difficult, Why did at home? - For save energy at home.
High temperature to walk away for save energy. Long sat at Food Court. there are TV, evening Saturday watch the game free!

If the fire department. I would die first.
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